Imagine a Different School. Today.

We are an education consulting company. We help schools improve the quality of their educational offerings, digital teaching methods, student experiences and satisfaction, and overall organizational management for optimal performance.


We offer services to help schools and universities implement innovative technological solutions for learning, such as training teachers on the use of digital technologies, introducing platforms and applications for online learning, and providing evaluation and data analysis tools to personalize teaching.


We offer services to optimize the organizational and administrative processes of schools and universities, such as student data management, curriculum and school calendar planning, and management of human and financial resources.


We provide services to help schools and universities become more sustainable and socially responsible through the implementation of sustainable policies and practices, promoting environmental education, and enhancing diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

School 4.0

The aim of the School 4.0 Plan is to promote the digital transition of the school system, transforming classrooms into innovative learning environments. The name “School 4.0” comes from the goal of creating hybrid learning environments that can merge the educational and didactic potential of physically designed innovative spaces with digital environments. Our consulting company is capable of following all the phases required to comply with regulations, designing processes based on every need.
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Schools Of Change

The future of schools will be influenced by a series of trends and developments, some of which are already underway. We are the strategic partner to accompany educational institutions towards change.


As pioneers in the digitalization of education, we work with schools and universities to transform teaching and learning processes with cutting-edge methodologies, software, and tools.


We offer personalized training programs for teachers, including training sessions on the latest technologies and innovative teaching methodologies.


We create stimulating and welcoming learning environments. We transform physical spaces into modern ergonomic environments that encourage active learning and collaboration.


We provide solutions to implement green projects and improve the energy efficiency of environments. We manage the process of waste reduction and carbon footprint.


We provide personalized multichannel marketing and communication services aimed at promoting the educational institution and communicating with students, parents, and the community.


We manage processes and provide sanitation and safety services to ensure health prevention for students and staff in educational environments and school areas.

The School of the Future.

DIGITALIZATION: the use of digital technologies and electronic devices for learning, up to the use of platforms and applications for distance learning.
PERSONALIZED LEARNING: adoption of personalized learning models that take into account the needs and abilities of each student.
21ST CENTURY SKILLS: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving are considered essential skills for the challenges of the world of tomorrow.
INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY: sensitivity to diversity and inclusion through educational environments that respect and value the diversity of backgrounds.
ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AND SUSTAINABILITY: promotion of environmental education and sustainability, including in the redevelopment of school buildings.

Our Consultancy Services for the Future of Education.

Together for a school that looks forward. Together to impart to students the knowledge necessary to be competitive in the job market of the future.


Million euros in investments for 4.0 schools


Million euros in investments for DAD and STEM projects


Million euros in total investments for more than 100,000 classrooms


Million euros in investments for high school labs

The Future Is Here. Today.

We help schools improve the quality of their educational offerings, digital teaching, student experience and satisfaction, and promote organization for optimal global management.